Friday, November 28, 2014
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Homeowners can cut the lights for home energy efficiency

While homeowners cannot completely eliminate the use of indoor lighting, they can take steps to lower their monthly utility bills by using more energy-efficient lighting methods.

Homeowners can take both small and large steps in order to accomplish this. For example, swapping out old light bulbs for more energy-efficient ones is a good way to begin conserving electricity, Energy Savers explains.

Individuals who still use incandescent bulbs may be wasting a great deal of money. That is because incandescent lights lose approximately 90 percent of their energy giving off heat. Homeowners looking to save green can choose from three alternative products – energy-saving incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps or light-emitting diodes, according to the source.

Halogen or energy-saving incandescent lights use 25 percent less energy than standard light bulbs and can last three-times longer. Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, can save homeowners 75 percent when it comes to home energy. CFLs are essentially curled versions of tubular fluorescent lights, and individuals may benefit most by purchasing Energy Star-approved CFLs, the source suggests.

Light-emitting diodes, much more commonly referred to as LEDs, may be the most efficient choice. LEDs only use 25 percent of the energy that a typical light bulb would need and may last up to 25-times longer, the source explains. The bulbs can also be easily used indoors and outdoors.

Installing occupancy sensors may be another good way to cut home energy costs. Homeowners can choose from two types of sensors, passive infrared and ultrasonic. Passive infrared sensors measure the level of heat in a room and reacts to changes in heat patterns while ultrasonic sensors measure sound, according to the State of Michigan.

Homeowners can easily have these sensors installed in their home as a way to prevent lights from being left on in unused areas, the DIY Network reports. This may be especially helpful in home with children who are apt to leave lights on when they are done using a particular room. Furthermore, it could increase home safety by illuminating rooms upon entry and preventing trips and falls.

While some individuals may want to find a contractor to install these light sensors for them, those who have some experience working with electricity could complete the project do-it-yourself style, according to the source. One should just be sure to take all necessary safety precautions and turn off a home's electricity before getting to work.


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