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Apr 14

Your Savings Center has more discounts for Members than before

Posted by: Kenny Lempit

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Kenny Lempit

April_Access_MerchantsThe HomeESP Savings Center discounts continue to grow.  You have more opportunities to save on everyday purchases than before.  Don't miss out.  Visit the Savings Center to see for yourself and save big.

Our friends who support the HomeESP Savings Center, Access Development, keep adding new merchants with discount couponing  and has 10,000 more merchants in 2011 than it had the previous year.   

With more than 260,000 locations to save, the HomeESP Savings Center is supported by the largest discount network anywhere.

Apr 12

Avoid unnecessary damage to your property; be attentive during visits by your Utility Company

Posted by: Rich Levinson

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Rich Levinson

This is a story about common sense and being protective of what is usually your most valuable asset, your home.

I was recently notified by my local power utility that as part of a planned upgrade to natural gas valves, a crew would be visiting my home to do a valve replacement project.

I met the crew when they arrived and they were pleasant and helpful.  They explained their procedure for the project:

Apr 10

Tips for lowering energy usage and your cost of running your refrigerator and freezer

Posted by: Laurence Sheinman

Laurence Sheinman

A great place to look to save energy and lower your utility bills is your kitchen, the most popular room in your home.  If I had a penny for every time one of my family members opened the refrigerator or freezer throughout the day, I would be a rich man.  On the contrary, the cost of running your most highly trafficked kitchen appliances may be draining your bank account more than it should.  There are many easy ways to make sure you use your refrigerator and freezer energy efficiently to keep your electric bills down. 

Of course, when purchasing a new refrigerator and/or freezer, you should choose an ENERGY STAR qualified model to be sure you are getting an energy efficient appliance.  Here are tips to save energy and money, regardless of whether your appliance is old or new:

  1. Avoid locating your refrigerator in direct sunlight or near equipment that generates heat, such as a range or dishwasher.
  2. Leave several inches of space behind and on the sides of your refrigerator so air can circulate
Mar 30

Energy Effiicient Cooking - How to Save Energy While Using Your Stove and Oven

Posted by: Laurence Sheinman

Laurence Sheinman

I have learned how to become more energy efficient while cooking.  I just needed to follow some easy to deploy tips. 

Our ovens and stove top ranges are major appliances that are used daily and expends a lot of energy.   I don't know about you but I learned to cook using techniques passed on from generation to generation.  My parents' way of cooking made it easy to create great meals but waste energy at the stove and oven.  However, today we can create great meals and follow many simple ways to conserve energy without investing money in a new energy efficient stove top or oven or add on product. 

Many of these tips may seem intuitive but most of us are not in the habit of thinking of them and following them.  Here are 14 energy and money saving tips for cooking with your stove and oven:

Mar 24

Without Spending a Dime, Save Energy and Money While Washing Your Dishes

Posted by: Laurence Sheinman

Laurence Sheinman

Dish washing and dishwashers can use a lot of water and energy at home.  We all want clean plates, glasses and silverware and most of us do not think about being energy efficient when washing dishes. However, there are simple changes you can make to your dish washing routine that will save you home energy and money immediately.  These tips are simple to carry out and do not cost you anything to follow. 

Yes, if you are buying a dishwasher, look for ENERGY STAR qualified models with features like air power drying and overnight drying settings.  But if you are not ready to buy a new

Mar 20

9 No-Cost Ways to Save Energy and Money At Home While Washing & Drying Your Clothes

Posted by: Laurence Sheinman

Laurence Sheinman

You will save the most energy and money at home when you replace old inefficient appliances with newly designed energy conserving models.  However, there are many simple ways for you to save energy and money at home without it costing you a dime.  Here are some ways to save energy while washing and drying your clothes.

If you need to replace your washer, choose an ENERGY STAR model with front-load or horizontal axis features.  They use less electricity and water than other models.   There are ENERGY STAR models of these types for every household budget.

  1. Wash clothes in cold or warm water rather than hot, and rinse in cold water. The temperature of the rinse water has no effect on cleaning.
  2. Always fill the washer and dryer to capacity whenever possible. If you must wash smaller
Mar 14

Twelve Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home with just your Lights and Lighting

Posted by: Laurence Sheinman

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Laurence Sheinman

There are hundreds of ways to save energy at home and many will cost you nothing to implement.  Some no cost energy saving ideas require that you to change behavior.  For example, many people never made turning off the lights when they left an empty room a habit.  Other no cost home energy savers necessitate moving the things you already have around; another easy solution.

Here are 12 ideas how to save energy and money at home related just to how you use your lights and lighting in your house.  As a parent with children who often leave everything ON, I view many of these ideas as somewhat obvious but worth repeating and teaching to our kids.

  1. Turn off lights when you leave a room or when they're not needed.
  2. Use a timer to turn house lights off and on automatically.
  3. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). CFLs last longer and use as little as one-quarter the energy of regular light bulbs.
  4. Put lamps in corners of rooms so light reflects off two walls. Use light colors on walls,
Mar 10

Reduce the cost of gasoline $.30 a gallon by better maintenance. Save more on gas by altering driving habits.

Posted by: Ken Lempit

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Ken Lempit

With gasoline projected to cost $4 or even $5 a gallon this summer, we're all thinking about how to save money on gas.  Before you go out and buy a new (or used) hybrid, consider how much you can save with your existing car.

Modifying your driving habits and maintaining your vehicle can add up to big savings.   Changing your driving style is cost-free, and vehicle maintenance surely pays for itself.  According to an older post by there are plenty of things you can do to increase the MPG of your existing car.  The top recommendations?  

Don’t drag race.  This should be obvious, but if you accelerate slowly, you’ll use less gas – as much as 25 percent less if you are normally a lead-foot.

Mar 02

Geothermal ROI Calculator Spreadsheet for Home Heating. Free Download of Excel File Based on DOE HeatCalc.

Posted by: Ken Lempit

Ken Lempit

If you are seeking payback, geothermal heat pumps are a losing proposition.  As much as I am fascinated by the possibility of geothermal (ground source) and air-source heat pumps to save energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, I can’t recommend geothermal for anyone other than an eco hobbyist – and one with a big checkbook (see end of article for a free download of our Geothermal Payback ROI calculator spreadsheet).

The installation cost of a retrofit of conventional forced air heating and cooling with geothermal heating is made up of three major elements: ground/water loop to source and sink heat, compressor and air handler, and labor and markup.  The ground loop is most often a series of wells holes drilled to accommodate a refrigerant line set which is buried in a special heat conducting concrete.  The drilling of the wells and installation of the refrigerant lines is where the big cost disadvantage of geothermal is found: this can account for as much as 50 percent of the cost of the total installation depending on site conditions and the heating load for the home.

Feb 15

Kill A Watt Review: Should You Buy a Kill A Watt To Save Energy and Cut Down Your Electric Bill?

Posted by: Bruce Woolf

Bruce Woolf

Electricity costs will continue to rise, so we are well served to become more energy efficient and reduce wasteful spending in our home budgets.  A Kill A Watts an electrical monitoring device that helps you determine how efficient your appliances are and how much energy each consumes.  I bought one to try and see if it was effective and useful as an energy saving device.  

Was it a good investment?

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